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Natural ways to fight against constipation

Natural ways to fight against constipation

Constipation is a problem that is very common to most people and it is something that everybody absolutely does not want to have anything to do with.  This is one of the instances where an ounce of prevention is definitely far better than a pound, or even a ton of cure.

A very important factor in preventing yourself from suffering through constipation is to watch the fiber in your diet.  Increasing the amount of fiber that you get from your diet is very important in fighting off constipation.  Fiber is needed by the body to form stools that are soft and very easy for the excretory system to expel from your body.  Whole grains and beans are very good sources of fiber.  So too are leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and cereals.  Among vegetables, brussel sprouts, cabbage and carrots are the best sources.

When it comes to fruits, papaya is one of the best choices you have in preventing constipation.  Not only is it a fruit with very high fiber content, it is also a fruit with many nutrients containing antioxidant properties.  Furthermore, papaya even contains many enzymes that are very useful for the body when it starts to break down proteins.  You will not have any problem adding papaya to your diet because it is a delicious fruit that goes well as a dessert for any meal.  It is also a great fruit to turn into a shake.

Water is also vital if you want to stave off constipation.  Lack of proper fluid hydration makes stools hard and dry and therefore harder for the body to dispose off thus leading to constipation.  You should try to hydrate your body with at least 6 full glasses everyday to keep it from dehydrating and producing hard stools.  If you can, drinking 8 glasses of water or juice would be even better.

Although high amounts of protein are known to cause constipation, you do not have to give it up entirely just to avoid constipation.  The important thing for you to remember is to keep the amount of protein you consume in check.  Furthermore, if you eat your proteins along with your high fiber foods, they will make you healthier overall.  You no longer have to worry about constipation, and you will have a healthy and fit body as well.

Another important thing to remember to avoid getting constipated is to always let your body do its bowel movement when it tells you that it needs to do so.  Stalling your bowel movement is a sure way to get constipation.  Even if it comes at an inconvenient time when you are in the middle of a meeting or when you are busy with something else, it is best to relieve yourself immediately when you feel the urge.  You can prevent having to go to the bathroom during important and busy times of the day though by regularly doing your bowel movement at a certain time, either in the morning or in the evening.  This way, your body will be conditioned to relieve itself when you are ready and not when you least expect it.

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