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Literally, biodanza is a dance of life. It is a fusion of the elements of music, movements and even emotions and positive feelings. Without the use of learned dance steps, it is performed barefoot, employing only guides to free the dancer’s body in order to make its own movements. It is derived from the Greek word “bios” which means life, and “danza” that means integrated movements.  It has evolved in the last 40 years under the vision of its founder, the late Rolando Toro Araneda, a Chilean poet and artist. Now practiced all over Europe and South America, biodanza has also found its way to many cities in the United States and many other places like the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Johannesburg of South Africa, and Thailand.

Even without particular dance steps to teach, biodanza classes continue to be conducted for the purpose of presenting it to the people who don’t know about it. A biodanza class is usually structured into two parts—the theoretical part of 30 minutes and the practical part that consists of exercises and dances. It is conducted every week to allow participants time to integrate the new experiences with the previous encounters. After the session, you will definitely feel relaxed and happy about having communicated with other people through body language, which is part of improving your relationships with others.

Biodanza or its classes provide limitless benefits that include the following: (a) Increased resistance to stress or reduced stress, (b) Improved creativity, vitality and one’s ability to love, (c) Feeling of fullness, with awakened passion and drive or motivation for life, (d) Opening of a sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence in the dancer, (e) Improved health and organic or structural harmony of the body, (f) Improved communication with other people by becoming more tolerant and understanding to listen to what others say, (g) A sense of well-being brought about by neurological and biological balancing in the body, and (h) Promotion of quality of life to help people achieve a deep-seated sense of happiness.

As a dance, biodanza uses music to stimulate creativity of the dancers as they express themselves through their own dance. It also provides dancers with an understanding of their expression and self-awareness. As an exercise, biodanza helps to release trapped emotions brought about by stresses of modern ways of life. As a technique, it is aimed at human experiences known as the parts of vivencia or the experience of being in the present. These parts are vitality, which is your own vital energy; sexuality, a respect for intimacy and your recovery of your pleasure and innocence; creativity or the element of renovation, or renewal which you must apply in your daily life; and affectivity, which emphasizes feelings, solidarity, love and respect for and among all human beings. Arizona-born Mike Aldridge, author of an article Ecstasy Through Dance in a United Kingdom quarterly magazine, has advised people to dance biodanza if they want to change their life for the better.

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